Project “New Village Hoef and Haag” in the Netherlands

An exciting and wonderful project is at the inception stage in the Netherlands!

A completely new village is currently being built between the cities of Vianen and Hagestein in the Netherlands, named Hoef and Haag. Hoef and Haag will be one village with three different spheres and districts: Het Dorpshart, De Erven and Het Lint.

Each will have its own identity:

– Het Dorpshart: compact and lively, with all amenities

– De Erven: spacious and green

– Het Lint: freedom and space, with an authentic long village street

For this project Pipelife Netherlands supplies the materials for the sewer system via wholesaler Joosten Kunststoffen to the contractor Van der Lee. This involves approximately 6,000 meters of PVC drainage pipes, 2,000 meters of PE pipe, 2,300 fittings and 100 Renoflow chambers.
The first phase, where Contractor Gebr. Van der Lee moved around 75,000 m³ of soil and realized 8 km of Pipelife sewerage, has been completed. We are currently working hard on phase 2, for which Joosten Kunststoffen again supplies Pipelife Renoflow with wells, pipes and fittings.

A wonderful project!