Rørdagene 2019: Green Growth and Environmental Issues in Focus at the Pipe Days Conference in Norway

PIPEDAYS | Norway | 2019

Fourth time in a row at the annual Pipe Days conference in Norway. Pipelife invited professionals from across the whole industry and value chain to discuss the most important issues and topics from the industry.

Green growth and environmental issues had a strong focus during the “Rørdagene” (Pipe Days). This year the conference took place not far from Oslo, in the town of Lillestrøm, and in attendance were over 140 participants.

Leading international industry opinion leaders travelled from far away for the event, like Dr. Jason Leadbitter (INOVYN), who traveled all the way from the UK for the opportunity to talk about PVC and PVC pipe usage in Europe, and what the industry is doing in order to go in a more sustainable direction.

We want to have focus on how to make society smarter and greener, and for us it is important to find a central role as a supplier in the practical life and not just during conferences with ‘party talks'”, said Trond Skogseth, sales and marketing director in Pipelife Norway, during his opening greeting.

Pipelife believes that it is very important to upgrade the infrastructure in line with the changing climate, and therefore the focus during these conference days was on “the green shift“.

The conference leader, Christen Ræstad, was clear that a key element must be green solutions, and they will strengthen your competitiveness!

There has to be a clear link between idealism and business, he said.